What to do in case of a personal injury

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Injuries are a natural part of life, they can happen to anyone and everywhere, but sometimes they can be predicted and stopped. We have protocols, signs and signals which are supposed to take care of us and warns us about potentially dangerous situations, but occassionly those alerts fail and we end up with a more or less serious injury. In a case where an injury happens due to negligence or malpractice we have a situation which can be classified as a personal injury, and this legal term relates to the area of law which is concerned with protection of clients who suffered physical harm or were financially damaged in those above mentioned scenarios.

Personal injury law belongs to the group of tort laws, and most often types of those cases are related to traffic injuries, medical malpractice, harassment, abuse and stress at work, faulty goods or services and intentional wrongdoing. You can find out more right here.

Top-Personal-Injury-Attorneys-300x198Fortunately, US legal system takes great care of those cases and attorneys and courts work very efficiently. However, there are some things which you can do yourself, in order to make your case stronger and to receive the appropriate compensation as soon as possible. For example, if you were involved in a traffic accident which was not caused by your fault, there are a couple of steps which should be taken immediately. Naturally, depending on the severity of your injury you should call an ambulance or a doctor first, because medical injuries need to be taken care of as soon as possible and because medical records will serve as an important evidence in court, if your case goes to the trial.

Another thing you should do is to call the police and inform them about the situation, since they will also be a valuable source of information to the judge and to your lawyer as well.

Also, inform your insurance company and they will investigate the case on their own, which means that your insurance money will be payed in a shorter amount of time. Additionally, if your injuries allow it, take photos of the scene and write down as much details as you can, because every information can make the difference in court.

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The basics of personal injury law

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Accidents happen in life, and as much as we try to avoid them – this is sometimes simply inevitable and people end up with injuries and other consequences.

car-accident-injury-300x205However, some injuries and mistakes can be predicted and stopped in time, and when the steps to do so are not properly followed there is a strong chance for a personal injury case. Personal injury law is an area of law which is directed towards those cases where clients need to be protected from negligence, malpractice or intentional wrongdoing, and when they are looking for a compensation. More information about injuries click on this hyperlink. The compensation can come either from individuals, legal aspects or government, depending on the fact who is actually “accused” in the case.

Personal injury law falls under the category of tort law, and  which specialize in this are often working “on the percentage”, which means that they usually take the part of the compensation.

matrimonial-law-new-paltz-ny-rhett-d.-weires-p.c.contact-home3The compensation can sometimes happen if the two conflicting parties agree on a settlement, which can be paid in once or over a longer period of time, and in this scenario the case is not going to court. Personal injury cases are mostly done in courts which are located in the same state where the act of negligence or malpractice happened, but some other locations are possible, and some cases are taken to the federal court ass well.

Personal injuries do not have to be only physical in order for the plaintiff to get a compensation, since there are other ways in which people can get hurt as well. For instance, financial damages fall under this category, as well as damages to personal reputation due to slander and libel. However, the biggest percentage of the cases in the US law comes from medical malpractice and cases connected with traffic accidents and accidents at work.

Most states have time limits for filing a complaint about a case of this type, and this is legally called “statute of limitations”. For traffic injuries and similar cases it lasts about two years in most cases, but it varies from state to state and from case to case.
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Who is protected by personal injury law

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US citizens are generally very happy and satisfied with the legal system that their country is using, and they don’t have many complaints. However, there are areas which are causing debates and differences in opinions, and some people ask for reforms and changes in the laws. One such part of our legislation is called tort laws, and some people are calling for reforms, particularly in the part which is concerned with personal injuries.

image (1)However, personal injury law has been with us for a very long period, and majority of people are satisfied with the way in which the system works. For those who are not familiar with it, personal injury law is connected with those cases which arise from malpractice, negligence, recklessness and faulty goods or services, and all of those cases can go to court and have an official ruling. Check this out about personal injury.  Lawyers often specialize in personal injury law, and they have to be familiar with many previous scenarios, since courts often base their decisions on the history of similar cases.

People who suffered from emotional or physical pain, either being involved in a traffic accident or having health problems due to medical malpractice, or living through harassment and abuse, have the right to protection and compensation. Increasing number of  helps to mortality from this disease greatly reducing.

152964427_300x200Lawyers sometimes bring both parties to the table and then a settlement is paid, but this is sometimes not possible and cases end up in courts. If there is enough compelling evidence, compensation will be paid, either from the personal funds of the “guilty” party or from the government. Personal injuries are very stressful and emotionally challenging, but it is believed that financial aid given in the form of damages could reduce the problems at least a little bit, and that people could hopefully continue with their lives more easily.

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